Friday, May 18, 2007

close your eyes then

i wonder how many poor sods/saps have been looking thru hot or not and found the person of their dreams but had no way to contact them? cuz like the person didn't leave any contact info?
there are a lot of odd looking guys on hot or not.
i didn't look at the girls.
hot or not is dumb.
and stupid.
and i havn't looked at it for like 5 years. (until just now, that is)
i used to waste lots of time at work playing the hot or not game.
makes you feel so powerful.
i DECLARE YOU A hotness level of 3!
but seriously. how much can you really tell from just one picture? come on guys.
just. they could look totally diff than that ONE pic.
people are all about subtle nuances.
GREAT! now i am addicted to hot or not. it's some funny shit. when i am looking at the guys, i imagine how i would feel if they moved in next door to me. haha.