Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Yesterday I mowed the front lawn. albeit, I did a pretty shoddy job of it, but still I made the effort even after getting really mad because it was hard to get the lawnmower out of the shed I had to turn it on its side and lift it up awkwardly because the opening it had to fit thru was not wide enough! argh! but I moved past that and then I had to deal with the handle of the lawnmower vibrating so vigorously that my hands were purple, swollen and itchy for like ten minutes after I was finished mowing. This morning, I was out in the front yard looking at a tree frog and some guy who was trying to visit someone across the street asks me if I have a pen or pencil he can use. I was polite and stopped what I was doing and kindly retrieved him a pen even tho I thought his behavior was highly irregular. He told me his life story and asked me about mine. His mom is from Arkansas. see? it was cool but I felt that feeling of obligation... it was like he didn't know any better than to just be so familiar with me. haha those are the kind of people I attract. Don't even pay attention to me. I am just spouting B.S. I am going to ride my bike now.