Monday, May 28, 2007

bitter much?

pierce arrow hubcap

there have been a lot of blogposts about me lately!
i am famous.
you know why?
because all of the bloggers who hate me are either famous or are associated with famous people
i've got that going for me.
suicide doors, pierce arrow
AND, i have rec'd emails from cool people who have invited me out for drinks because they appreciate my point of view.
so have your fun, little trolls.
it only makes me stronger.
enjoy pretending to be celebrities if it makes you feel better
and i will continue being a boring SAHM with amazing painting abilities and a wide range of interests and knowledge including my degree in anthropology
i am sorry that i have a round face and still have ten pounds of post-baby fat to lose. it IS summer however and having a toddler definitely keeps me active, so although i appreciate your concern, i think i'll be okay. i'm not shooting for supermodel, here. just self-acceptance.
you should try it sometime, cyborgs.