Wednesday, May 02, 2007

what do you think this is?

i've been going to the park for a few days and yesterday there was something new.
the flowers and candles etc that have been placed at the site of the boy's death were all straightened up
and there was great big chalk writing all over the bathroom building, the tennis courts and the blacktop that the boy's mother had written.
it made me cry and feel really gross and a lot of mixed feelings really.
she wrote tons of stuff and i couldn't take pics of it except for just this one.
i feel like i can't be too intrusive like completely taking pics of everything she wrote and telling all the details.
NO. i can't do that because it is not respectful.
this is not just some 'event' it is complicated and real stuff.
things are always very complicated, you see.
or should i just say complex. because you/we whatever always think we know exactly what we know... but we really don't know shit. people get all these opinions and they set up 'realities' in their minds but few people realize that it is all IMAGINARY.