Thursday, May 17, 2007

if memory serves

while out walking with sophie in the stroller the other day, we saw scott's mom at the school. she was out with her second-graders during recess and she waved us over.
we hung for a while.
one little girl who reminded me of myself was basically just glued to her teacher's side seeming to have no interest in the other kids. she seemed like a normal kid to me cuz that is kinda how i was.
but THEN this other little girl comes up and she was 'the outcast' not by choice. i compliment her french braid and her dress that looks like a jumper made by grandma. unique, cute, and like 'hot lava' to the 'cool kids', poor thing. she tells me the other kids won't let her play what they are playing. i tell her don't ask, just play. none of them asked to play so why should you? just join in and there is nothing they can do about it. she liked the idea, but wasn't ready for implementation just yet, so i distracted her with monkeybar talk.
later, i thought, i will walk over there with her, they won't be mean with someone right there watching; but, the spokesperson for the group said that they already had 'too many people' HA. i said, "oh, so you just can't take ONE more?" they weren't even playing anything anyway. they were just sitting in the shade under the slides. or whatever they were playing was so subtle as to be beyond the perception of Aah-dolts.
so then i saw that there was this giant map of the U.S. on the ground and said, let's go name all the states and there were alarmingly too many that i wasn't sure about or simply didn't know. that is despicable. i must get on that right away.
anyway, the main point of this story was to get around to this:
there was one boy there who had "i think i'm cute and i like to push the envelope" written all over him. i am pretty sure that he said to his friend about me something like "do you think she is pretty?" and the other boy said, "she is a FAT lady!" HAHAHAHA.....
it was probably Butchie's long lost illegitimate son.
then later that same boy undid and pulled down his pants in the back of the classroom when the teacher wasn't looking. he and his cronies found that to be the height of humor.
i know, i know... this is 2nd grade we are talking about.
i remember 3rd more.
in 2nd grade, we had Mrs. Erickson and we didn't want to leave her so she also taught us 3rd. isn't that awesome? she ruled the hizzouse.
i am usually at my most verbose in the morning.
just so you know.
another cool thing that happened was that scott's mom (the teacher) KEEP UP MAN
read to the class from Tom Sawyer and it was about how the kids were starting a secret club and that if anyone told about it then the group would have to KILL their family. and also they would have to do RANSOMS. psssh. i kept smirking while she was reading thinking this is great stuff to be teaching second graders. haha. she asked the class if they knew what a ransom was and nobody did until she started to describe it and then they were all OH YEAH.