Wednesday, May 16, 2007

i keep on demonstrating

we went to a really good thrift store today in Chester and like....
there were two dresses there that i was about to buy they were $3 each
and then i got mad.
cuz sophie was wanting to leave and scott was wanting to leave and i was being
cuz there was stuff there that i wanted to revel in.
wah wah waaaah.
so i was like fine and went out to the car and pouted
and didn't get my dresses.
but NOW.
i still want them.
and i think they are still there
and i want to go back by myself
so i can look around
in peace
but not.
one of the dresses looks like a girl scout leader's dress. MUST HAVE IT NOW>
so i can play guitar in it and be a singer.
and the other one was like a sundress jumpery thing but white on top blue on bottom reminiscent of snow white or cinderella but it is just a vintage old lady dress probably.
i want to get them today.
but at the same time i want to talk myself out of it.
i already have an overflowing closet of clothes i don't like.
the town is 13 miles away.