Wednesday, May 16, 2007

it never ends

well, i got the dresses but there is justification for it sort of.
i mean not really because i acted like a child
but i rarely go anywhere on my own so it was long overdue really.
i went back and spent at least an hour in there.
it's a good store.
we got this cute little kitchen playset for sophie, too.

but NOW there is this OTHER shirt which i did not buy and i want and also there were some things there that i want to get for my mom cuz this month is full of special days for her. SIGH.

i really need to just MAKE something for her. i have a ton of materials and i just need to commit to that (among other things)

i know, it looks angry or evil or something but the eyeballs are knobs and you can change them and it also says a bunch of stuff and makes ding noises and popcorn noises and stores stuff and EVERYTHING! i love little girl toys.