Tuesday, May 15, 2007

payphone graffiti

i have donated a bunch of clothes to the thrift shop here in town and a couple of times i have seen chicks wearing the exact thing i donated and then i totally want it back and i go over to them and say um excuse me but where did you get that shirt because it is MINE. and then RIP it off of their body.
seriously, tho? i do feel a twinge of regret about giving up the item but then i think it looks good on them and i never really liked it while i had it. ha. sounds like i'm talking about a guy i broke up with and now he is dating my friend and i am so jeals!
nah. i don't think that has happened that i remember.
or else i've just repressed it.
usually i am just happy for them.
i just want everyone to be happy.

oh was tagged for a meme and posted it to my gratitude blog.