Saturday, May 26, 2007



it is a gorgeous day,
i have about four hours of free time
and it looks so far like we're not going anywhere
because scott is obsessing over some stupid dumb old jurnul of mine.
yeah. i 'dated' guys before i met you. sorry.
it sux.
we have been having some sort of youtube deejay wars where we pick songs to play really loud that have some message to them, like i played forgiveness by india arie and then by don henley, etcetera. and then he played 'she fucking hates me' and then i played 'low self esteem' and then he played... you get the picture. HAHAHAAAAAA.
but it isn't actually very funny.
i guess i will paint then because everyone else who has a life is out doing FUN things while i sit at home and blog about my breakfast.