Tuesday, May 29, 2007

it's not that serious

dunking booth target did this day seem to drag at all to you? t'was long for me. i'm ready to call it a day. and, like, sometimes? i just wanna be left alone... i just mean, that i need time to THINK. rafters it seems like i've always tried to be good but sort of wanted to be bad.
but i wanted to be bad and not care about the consequences...
a feat which i have yet to master.
damned conscience.
i'm speaking in generalities here.
it's just that any time i do something which i know i should not do,
i KNOW it.
and knowing that i know it
i know that i know that i know it.
but it's all my process
and you have yours, i am sure.
nobody can tell anyone else what to do can they?
faded fake flower