Friday, May 25, 2007

sauerkraut is my favorite

hot dog painting in-progressclose up of hot dog paintinghot dog painting side view also mustard.
i like to say "moo-tard"
like the french say it.
i don't think i would eat a hot dog if it had only Cat's S'up? No thank you. ew.
mustard all the way, dudez.
dandelion puffs dandelions
what do you think about the idea that whatever hurt you inflict on others will be felt by you eventually and probably even moreso?
kinda scary, huh?
anyway, the SOWER KROUT is challenging. chaotic things are difficult to paint.
i went to the thrift store and one thing i purchased was a book called The Bonesetter's Daughter. who knows if i'll ever read it. i never did read running with scissors. i just haven't had the desire.
that's kind of how it is with painting, too. sometimes i just have no interest in it.
and when i do have an interest in it, it's best to take advantage.
carrie stripes and lilacs
i'm still awesome.
don't be too jeals.