Monday, May 21, 2007

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under umbrella

the other day i bought a squash plant, a bell pepper plant and a sage plant and somehow i have LOST the sage plant and it is really bothering me. it's hard for me to let it go. i mean the plant cost less than two dollars but STILL! i wanted that one! i keep looking for it and trying to figure out how it could have disappeared and i am not buying any of the scenarios with which i've come up.
and also, one of our ghost shrimp died... i had noticed on the way home from the store that one of them was missing an eye and scott said it would probably die and it did. it hid under the castle and died. the things only cost .25 and they are basically sea monkeys. they're cool to watch. like a little lobster or crawdad.
it was starting to be all summer-like but today it is windy and chilly. but i also want to paint something today. i have an idea. so maybe that is what i'll get started on.