Tuesday, August 14, 2007

the bear went over the mountain

there is this place where this guy has a lot of birds. he raises them and breeds them and sells them i guess. they call him the birdman, although at first he didn't really like the moniker, i guess it has sort of grown on him.
i had to get these pics thru a hole in a chicken-wire fence.

what blog post would be complete without a picture of me?
i have a lot of infuriating habits/tendencies. i'm trying to medicate them all away. the path of the pills which will make me into a good and happy girl. all my dreams will come true and everything will always be smooth and easy, now. don't you think?

maybe i should crop out the left side of that pic cuz it looks yukky. yes, that is our little shack in northern ca, but it is free to live in and will eventually be all gussied up; but maybe not by us. we have our eye on a different place that would be more rewarding to fix-up.