Saturday, August 04, 2007

the meds i am taking make me have dry mouth SOOOOOOOO bad.
yesterday, i said hi to my neighbor and she started telling me all about the blood clot in her leg and stuff and then i could not even talk cuz my mouth was SO dry. it is gross. i was like, i have to go. and i RAN into the house to get some water.

my son says that on my breakfast painting the sausages look like poo.

i've just got to work on the shading, but i am ALL OUT of white paint. it is hard to paint without white. you can't make grey, or any light color of anything.

today i am going on a bus/train ride to see my mom and so moderated comments won't be showing up til like i dunno four or five pm. but you can still write me secret messages anyway.

i really like my breakfast painting. I think that the hot dog, hamburger, breakfast are the beginning of a series of food as objects of desire but also symbols, based on the style in which they are painted. i'm most likely gonna dew a few more hamburger paintings. i want to do french fries... (instead of curly fries) but have them be all by themselves. that seems funny to talk about fries as 'selves' ha. and now the word 'selves' looks really strange.

i wanna see that one movie with michelle pfiefer that is coming out. stardust? or something. starshine? i don't feel like checking right now.