Tuesday, August 07, 2007

OH my goodness

here is another GEM from Calvin & Hobbes. Watterson is a genius.

"This snow sculpture transcends corporeal likeness to express deeper truths about the human condition!
This sculpture is about grief and suffering.
One look at the tortured countenance of this figure confirms that the artist has drunk deeply from the cup of life!

...it invites the viewer to contemplate the evanescence of life.
This piece speaks to the horror of our own mortality."

--Calvin, about his snowmen.

ya gotta love it.

so today is another sort of all day train/bus ride again.
it's okay, but it's tiring and requires much counting of breaths.

i am in desperate need of this tape.

i am not joking around, either! it is the best tape on the planet and it is my favourite.