Saturday, August 04, 2007

now that no one reads my blog cuz they hate me

then it shouldn't matter what i type, should it? since nobody cares.
and here is me, embarrassing myself again by trying to sing when i obviously cannot. this is Where I Go by Natalie Merchant. One of my favorite songs. I used to just put it on repeat and listen to it all day.
it makes me feel better.

the bus/train ride was all day long. it was okay. there were a few probs with the payphones not working and ripping me off and i spent about $4 on those stupid pieces of crap.

i hate how blogging is some sort of popularity contest and as in life, people who are totally fucked up get praised for it and then people who try to do the right thing are treated like trash and called psycho. i guess that is the way of the world, isn't it? we praise evil people.

check out the crocs. guess he thinks he's being all 'green' by wearing them. well, aren't they made out of plastic? or is it rubber? but plastic is a petroleum product... so.