Thursday, August 09, 2007

hello everyone

the above picture results from an attempt at taking my brothers foto. i think it is awesome and would make a fantastic painting so that is what i am going to do, i guess.

i have been really into listening to music on lastfm. i'm like obsessed with it now. now i'm listening to music resembling portishead. some cool stuff!

i thought this was amusing: dress code for my sister's high school!

i can't believe i own that figurine let alone took this artsy pic of it. i've long had a crush on wil wheaton. but i don't remember how it came about that i own that! i am a nerd.

i got this at the thrift store and used it to soak my feet while i showered. i did not care for its aroma in the least. it sort of smelled like a rotted loofah. grody. prolly what i get for buying such a thing at the thrift store even if it is only 20 cents. i'm weird. oh i just noticed it said 3 bath size. i used it all at once. see. A.D.D. mm-hm

okay. i'm done. will paint now.