Thursday, August 16, 2007

whaddya know

i cut my leg while shaving. i don't like to shave my legs... especially above the knee, but i did it and now see what happens? i cut my leg. i suck at shaving cuz i am too impatient. plus our hot water tank needs to be replaced (we have the new one, just need to put it IN!) so i am always in a rush in the shower.

yesterday i had this humongous unexplainable NEED for dark chocolate. i haven't eaten any chocolate in months. and OF COURSE, i started my period yesterday evening. BIG SURPRISE there. ha.

finally they have an awesome collection of knee high socks at walmart. i've looked there for a year and FINALLY they have 'gotten' with the program. i had to find my shirt in the children's section tho cuz they don't have this kind anywhere else! it was actually a dress but i cut it and need to hem it today! STAT. or else it will fray. that is not nice to buy a NEW dress and then cut it without hemming it. uncool. i love my socks and since i have to go back to town again today, maybe i will grab another pair.