Sunday, August 26, 2007


one of the ways that i trick myself into cleaning the house is to imagine that someone is coming over whom i would be mortified if they saw the mess. I imagine someone special is coming over like the president, the pope, gary oldman, or just whatever. In junior high i imagined it was this guy named Barrett Cohn.

OMG! There is some MAJOR DRAMA going on next door. involving two firetrucks and about 7 people (two of them, children). oy vey.

I just went over and stuck my nose in by telling the mom to stay calm and not cuss. looks like the dad is going to jail. i'm thinking the kids might be taken away. whatever. i should not be involving myself in other people's drama. I have enough of my own, don't I? and i'm trying to avoid drama in my own life as it is.