Thursday, August 09, 2007

people should appreciate me more.

well i have begun to wonder about Crocs because of that trustafarian who was wearing them on the bus the other day. Are they better for the environment (or whatever, veganism) than regular shoes? by regular shoes i mean leather, really. plastic shoes are not good. but many people do wear shoes which include some aspect of plastic. (a petroleum product= OIL)

as ubiquitous as these shoes have become they have FINALLY got me thinking about them. The whole frenzy about them reminds me of the 80's when people wore 'jellies' shoes made out of see-thru plastic.

i used to have these exact same ones. in fact, i think those are mine!
maybe that is a pic of my very own feet? no.

according to piperlime ,
"Crocs are made from synthetic closed-cell resin Croslite™ material."

also described as "injection-molded polymer foam"

(the above linked story from the St. Louis Times is a wonderful article on the subject by, Patsy McLaughlin, if you are interested in the environmental aspect of Crocs shoes.)

i really only care so i can say, "in your face" to the hippies who wear them sanctimoniously saying they are 'green'.

but if you are one of those people, i admit that it is hypocritical of me to pontificate pedantically on the subject.