Monday, August 13, 2007

why do you stick around

everyone hates my hair. people think it looks unnatural all my life. :-( even when i had never dyed it before. i know that the first couple of days after 'adding color' i s what i call it.... that um.... it looks odd. it's not the right shade for me, i guess. too 'blue' i have a golden complexion. nobody cares about any of this. i think my hair looks cool with added color. it fades with every shampoo and then within a month my hair is back to its normal color. really it is supposed to be after 8 shampoos, but i find it lingers longer than that. a long time ago i used to use henna but i realized that was WAY too orange. at least the one i was using. i would like to get dark 'lowlights' maybe sometime within the next year i will get dark lowlights. i have nobody to tell this to but you. and even you don't care, most likely.