Tuesday, August 07, 2007

dust to dust

you know how like you're supposed to have a 'happy place' in your mind and you are like, supposed to go there whenever you need to relax and be at peace as much as possible. Or just think of something that really has made you feel happy in the past. when are you most at peace?

i used to think i was most exhilarated by horseback riding.

i have discovered that is not actually the case. it is okay but not a big love of mine.
what i really love is putting my hands in the dirt or mud, picking up and looking at rocks and dirt and touching plants with love and affection for the earth and plants and nature, i guess. for me the dirt is what we are made of. it supports us it is alive it loves us. it is love. made of love. that's all.

this is about as much of the pouty lip thing that i can muster. it just doesn't work for me. not a good look for me. but plastic surgery and botox make one look freakishly un-human.