Thursday, August 02, 2007

immature... they've always called me that

we have a fake keyboard that i bought at the junkstore so that the baby can type on it when she wants to type on the real keyboard.... the only problem with this is that sometime I start to use the fake one and i am typi ng along and suddenly i real ize
i'm typing on the darned FAKE keyboard. and then i sigh and get the real one.
plus, she knows it isn't the real one so she doesn't seem much interested inn the fake]]\


i also got her a fake laptop which she has no interest it.
i think it is, you know how babies and kids always want to pllay with what the oterh person is plrying with.

i'm not durnk. i am just leaving thing s as they are without going back and fixing

them like ii susually do,.


here is something gross that hppened. i was really thirst cuz my medication giv4es me COTTON MOUTH. I lied, cuz i have to back and correct certainn things or you would not be able to tell what i was talkng about cuz i wourld right CAWFET IDFJOE ane that would work. it is hard to not go back and orrect mistakes. because i a m obsessinve about stuff like that. like MAJOEELLLY and i republish my bposts about a billion times. bna someteime seven then i still have mistake s i didn't catch.

i've always thought i would be a good editor because i SEEM to always cavccreh any typeo and i always circle them and feel all high ane mighty that i a m sooooo smartt4.

but now i am stupid becaus e mmy medication has mmade me seem liek i have early onset f alzheimers cuz um i forsget everything really bad. always losing and forgetinn and some ppl get annoyed with it cuz it gets old just like my talkinng about my blog to anyone. they do NOT want to hear it.

anyway, back to my orginal p9oiint ..... and i am not even drunk. i've stopped drinking because i should not neeed to self medicate anymore. whoooooooo knows.

everyone has different opi8nions about that don't they? just like the y do about everyone :-P

oh eyeah i and i got like a billion shirts and a dress for like ten cents yesterday. getting stuff at thipft stores si way cooler than paying retail prices.