Tuesday, August 21, 2007

hold your head up high

i am giving myself a pedicure. i soaked my feet in clove and mineral salt bath. lotioned them up with a tea tree oil lotion. buffed and scraped clean. awaiting the polish. varnish. not a polish person. i wonder how beth is doing in Belize where there is a huge storm named Dean. no news on her blog.

now i am listening to carly simon. i need to go apply remover to my toenails. so i can remove my toenails. then i will paint on new ones.

oh so the guy who mailed us a music player instead of my new camera said we could keep the music player for our troubles. cool. i have no idea really what it is or how to use it or anything. but that doesn't matter.

i don't know that i like that skirt. or maybe it needs modification.