Wednesday, August 15, 2007

a mouse in the house

i just got back from a shopping extravaganza. i went all by myself, so i could browse at my leisure.

i got a bra. it is cute. i want leopard print but i can never find it, so i got polka dots. i could probably find leopard print bras on line but that is not what i have done. i've looked at underwear online and one time i purchased some stuff. i guess it's just not my bag, baby.

i don't know, but i purchased a sundress. i had to get the largest size in childrens because there is nothing like that anywhere else in the store! little girls always have the cool clothes. but i feel weird buying from the kids section. it doesn't matter. this is just thinking. why do we sit in strange and uncomfortable positions which are not the best for our bodies? do you do that? i don't know why i asked that as "we" whatever present participle or something nerdish like that.