Friday, August 17, 2007

now it's time

whenever my back starts to hurt, it feels all compressed in the very lowest part, i do a forward fold and then downward facing dog and then forward fold and back up. i do this several times a day. my daughter copies me, too. that is funny. a little toddler doing yoga.

the other night we watched Knocked Up. it was pretty cute and makes it seem like it is okay if your life is all messed up cuz that is how life is, see?

last night we watched a movie called Bongwater with Luke Wilson, jack black, brittany murphy (is crazy) and Alicia Witt. i have to admit, i really enjoyed it. it also made it seem like messed up lives are how life is. but this movie, the main character is way prettier than i am but she reminds me of myself in many ways. the movie is insane.

also we watched A Brief History of Time wanna watch it? it's a trip man! personally, my belief is, that modern physics reaffirms buddhist understanding... how the buddhists understand this is perhaps a similar method to scientists. much concentration? focus? on something specific. for a long time. i think maybe stephen hawking traveled thru a black hole and came back out and that is why his body is all like it is. but that could be just my imagination.