Saturday, August 25, 2007

i have so many journals (IRL) that it is crazy. i want to gather them ALL together and take a pic of them just to show you how many i have but i keep finding more and more because they are hidden everywhere!

i worked 'in banking' for seven years. from 1995-2002. i started to hate it for the last couple of years. maybe i always hated it to some degree. it was one of those things where you are planning on finding something better but it just doesn't seem to happen?

i was pretty good at what i did. i have some fond memories about it. whenever anyone talks about something related to banking i pipe up with my two-cents because i have an insiders perspective. when i go to banks i feel really comfortable because it is all so familiar to me. i feel like i work there, too. or imagine it.

then my dad died and i went back to school to hide there so i didn't have to be a grown-up anymore. but i got my degree in the process. now i have a 1 yr-old and am considered disabled, but i want to paint and do some ethnographies.
oh yeah, i am gonna start going to an art class next tuesday! that will be great cuz i am in a slump painting-wise. and now i am going to go shorten/hem a vintage homemade dress so it will be 'modernized'