Monday, August 06, 2007

fashion show time (i didn't buy anything!)

who wears yellow?

i almost bought the one above cuz it was two for $15, but they were long dresses, which is kinda cool, but my plan would've been to make them into shirt/dress thing by cutting and hemming. the other one is the blue one you see on the hook there.

my sister, Leanna, and I went to the mall yesterday. I am bowled over by how expensive jeans are these days. the cheapest ones she found were 50 bucks. but the other two she liked were $72 and $96 !!! I told her to put them on layaway man. so she did.
she doesn't like this style of shirt like all the ones i like, cuz she says they make you look preggers. maybe so. i remember the first time i saw a shirt like that, a couple summers ago, jessica simpson was wearing one and i HATED it. but now i like it.

today i am going to the doctor. cuz i'm a little unwell, don'tcha know?
OH YEAH. I bought a little beach bag type purse at American Eagle for $6. I love the new style of big huge bags that you can hold a bunch of crap in. We used to carry those in junior high. i want one.