Tuesday, July 03, 2007

8 randm thngs

  1. one time i left a note on some lady's door inquiring about a rental property she owned. i included my phone number. when she called back, i answered the phone uncharacteristically saying "YO YO YO WHATUP?" HA. it was horribly embarrassing.

  2. i used to like to watch Star Search when i was a kid.

  3. i also liked to watch Phil Donahue's talk show and nobody in my family wanted to watch it with me because i would get too argumentative and start fights.

  4. in elementary school, my classmates called me a 'stubborn donkey' and made braying noises at me. i was not amused.

  5. i was a 'poor sport' growing up. maybe i still am. but i don't want to be.

  6. even tho i have three siblings, i grew up an only child

  7. my hands are large. that violent femmes song that says "big hands i know you're the one" is about me

  8. i got my anthropology degree and had a baby in humboldt county.

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