Thursday, July 12, 2007


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our cat was sleeping on the top of a chair and then the next thing i know i hear this THUNK sound and it was the cat falling off of the chair while sleeping! i laugh everytime i think about it because i am twisted, apparently. the cat jumped back up looking dazed and confused for a minute and then went back to sleep. the whole time i was heckling him. "what happened, teddy? did you fall down? are you feeling okay? are you sick?" he just ignored me like "dude, i was sleeping and i fell off the chair, okay?"

nobody ever talks about their cat on their blog! i am totally original in this aspect. this is the first time ever that anyone has mentioned their cat in a blogpost. it is very uncommon. and rare.

i think one key to a great-tasting burger is using a fattier ground beef. of course that is also more artery clogging, but you gotta pick your priorities.

i'm not taking it anymore, but i was taking lexapro for the better part of last year and they say that it is common for people on lexapro to gain an average of 30 lbs. so, maybe since i stopped taking it, that has been a contributing factor to my having lost some pounds.