Thursday, July 26, 2007

Who, little ol' me?

Caricature by Victor Pross, Freud and Madonna

Victor Pross: Caricatures and Illustrations has asked if he may do a caricature of me. His caricature's are quite impressive and I do feel flattered that he finds me worthy as a subject; however, I'm a little apprehensive about how he will caricaturize me because caricatures can sometimes be somewhat unflattering. I don't care, I still think it is totally awesome. I hope it will be just a little bit complimentary. I'm sure, though, that it will be fun and i'm really looking forward to seeing the results.
Caricature by Victor Pross, Andy Warhol

From a press report: "Victor's current focus is to complete a coffee-table book titled "Icons and Idols: A Portrait of The Twentieth Century". Icons is a satire of the makers and breakers of our times, a satirical examination in pictorial depiction of popular culture. This stunning book will feature the caricature art of Victor Pross and will be accompanied by humorous text. The book examines pop culture as seen through the distorted funhouse mirror of a satirist trapped in the body of a fine art painter."This project is my main objective. I hope it will put me on the artistic. map~~Victor :}