Tuesday, July 10, 2007

a smile is like free plastic surgery

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all my life i've been told to smile more and it has usually annoyed me and i would talk to other non-smilers and they felt similarly...

some observations on smiles:

  • a smile seems like it's a very personal and intimate thing.
  • when i am watching tv, especially exercise shows, i think it seems unnatural for them to be smiling while they work out; but, i understand why they do it.
  • a smile makes the smiler physically FEEL happier and better.
  • why not make an effort to keep your face in a pleasing posture just like you would your body?
  • i used to think smiling was for dumb people.
  • supermodels like to not smile. why is that? is it sexier to not smile?
  • smilers never lose and frowners never win.

    sometimes i think, if i force a smile or cause myself to smile of my own will, i think.... it's not genuine.
    but i've learned, in life, that sometimes it takes an effort to create the situation you wish was there all on it's own.


    we do need to make some effort, i think, to influence the way we are perceived by others so that they perceive us the way we want to be perceived.