Thursday, July 05, 2007

hello habit energy

yesterday i made a squidoo lens about the phenomenon of Internet Celebrity Worship.
if you are interested in what i am doing
fret not
i will keep you abreast.

this blog has been reborn as a HOME page for people to find out what i am doing ELSEWHERE.

so i guess if i think of it that way, if i can retain the thought that my old 'blog' and habitual way of thinking about 'blogging' has gone out the window.

i am just so disenchanted with how it used to be.

i will still come to your blogs, my readers, and i will leave comments including ways for you to see what i'm up to lately.

so chill, buddy....

all is not lost.

the phoenix will rise.

bostick: i am not as gullible as you presume