Sunday, July 15, 2007

what does Buddhism say about Lust?

there have been so many ridiculous insults thrown at me in the comments to Friday's post, that i've just ignored most of them, leaving the statements themselves to reflect back on the person who said them.

however, i really do have issue with the way that Buddhism gets brought into these attack-fests and how i am criticized for being a supposed hypocrite because i have opinions such as that it is unbecoming of a young lady to make herself into a cheap/free porn HOE and then try to pass it off as 'art'. haha.

first of all, anyone who is coming from the position that monstergirl has about me, really has no place at all bringing up hypocricy in relation to buddhism. one time, monstergirl boasted to me that she 'had dinner with the Dalai Lama' like that was supposed to really CRUSH me. like, i told her, i have met him and so has my father. it isn't something to try and use as a weapon against another person. if you have had an opportunity to meet the Dalai Lama, consider yourself fortunate and don't lord it over other people and then turn around and say that THEY are a hypocritical buddhist.

here is what Monstergirl said:

"Carrie, you sure are a judgmental uptight Puritan for a Buddhist. You should do some more reading on that subject. Don't hate the world because no one likes your Gwen Stefani painting."

first of all, you do not know what everyone who has seen my painting thinks of it. and why on earth would you desire to stifle an artist, even if you are not personally attracted to their work? at least i am trying. maybe i'll get better. maybe the painting will improve as i continue to work on it. MY OWN feelings about the painting? i think it is much better than the average person could do, and it shows the progress i have made in portrait painting since the last time i tried it. perhaps the painting also reflects my pretty much neutral opinion about Gwen.

regardless, i do not 'hate the world' for any reason relating to my gwen stefani painting.

but, back to what Buddhism has to say about Lust...

there are basically two viewpoints:

give it up totally

OR practice sex in context of love for higher self realization.

as long as sex doesn't reinforce dualism, i.e., objectification of people as objects, and open oneself up to transmitted disease, unwanted pregnancy and exploitation, it's acceptable.

there were so many other ridiculous, pointless, and incorrect accusations and insults that i could use them as blog material for the rest of the month, probably.

but, anyway, just because i like buddhism, enjoy studying and learning about it and have at times in my life participated fully in practice, i am a layperson, not an ordained monk. (although i am an ordained minister for the purpose of performing ceremonies! ha) so, yeah, and if i ever have been enlightened, i haven't been able to sustain it permanently, but really.... do you think that Monstergirl gives a rat's ass about my buddhist practice?