Monday, July 23, 2007

another doozy of a post

i am kind of OCD about things. i like to organize things. i've been that way since i was a child. i may have blogged about this before. i used to go to my grandma's house and organize everything she owned and then whenever she didn't know where something was; i always knew, so she'd ask me.

i am always organizing everything in the fridge...
throwing away old stuff, stacking things according to size and frequency of use.
if i have access to any refrigerator, i will do this, i can't help myself.

i hung the first poppy painting in my bathroom, so now nobody will want to buy it because it is tainted... unless you're some weirdo who likes tainted things. the reason i put it in the bathroom? don't laugh... feng shui. see, the bathroom has a lot of the water element and you don't want to do what a lot of people seem to do which is decorate the bathroom with an ocean or water related motif. feng shui says fire energy can balance out this excessive water energy. Since water = wealth, you don't want to allow it to be out of balance in the bathroom because really the bathroom can make or break the feng shui of a house.
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anyway, this is a tangent. i put the poppy painting in the bathroom because that is where it needed to be to balance out the water energy. i know, i'm being redundant.

but i'm not sure i'd feel right selling that painting because it is painted on a used canvas which i bought at the thrift store. the canvas had a ridiculously simple painting of two flowers and two butterflies. horrible composition, no shading... just not good art. the canvas needed to be rescued, but i have had to use a very thick and sloppy application with the paint in order to cover up any remnants of the old painting that might show thru thinner layers of paint.

i plan to keep painting poppy paintings until i create my masterpiece of the best series of poppy paintings ever in the universe.

wait, that is a pretty lofty goal. but i've been getting a lot of messages from the universe/synchronicity that i will be coming into a great position with a lot of money but i just don't know about it yet. well, that is kind of cool and weird. why not, hey?

my son has this awesome game called Nintendogs and i love it. it drives everyone crazy around you tho cuz you have to do voice commands to train the dog and you're all "SIT. SIT... SIT." or "JUMP ... JUMP/.... JUMP." until you get it right along with the motion you have to make on the screen with the stylus. but it's good training for kids to see how much taking care of a dog entails.

i've been playing that because my laptop's input place for the a/c adapter is all wobbly and it doesn't work anymore :-( *sniff sniff*