Wednesday, July 11, 2007

narrow your thinking?

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today is TOTALLY overcast.

last night we watched Epic Movie and it really wasn't all that impressive, but then, i didn't expect it would be. i think we are going to watch Black Snake Moan tonight. The lady at the video store kept calling it "Black Snake Mon" like she wasn't wanting to register that the word is MOAN cuz that's too sexual.

we got some fantastic news that is basically life-changing but i must still be in shock because i don't feel happy about it. i think it's all just too much to process or something because it changes how i thought about so many things. so i just don't even know what to do with myself. plus, we still have to wait.

anyway, instead of feeling better, i feel worse, it seems.

my horoscope today: You may experience an increased level of excitement today that rattles your nerves. It's challenging to sit still, for you want to move physically in resonance with your active mind. You may have a seemingly endless string of clever ideas and witty repartees, but unless you narrow your thinking, the day will leave you with little to show for all your brilliance. belief net

dandelion puffs
i just posted the above photo to the photography blog which i was invited to participate in by grumble. i was totally nervous about posting anything and then i had to fix my post 8000 times. but now it is okay. i think.