Wednesday, July 25, 2007

nothing compares

food court candy
i've been wanting to buy these for a while, but always thought it too frivolous a purchase. yesterday, i was at the store with my son and i showed them to him. he pointed out that there was nothing in the basket for me, it was all for everyone else and that was the clincher. i'm glad i got them. they've been fun.
food court candy
check out how this last pic is psychedelic.
gummy fries

I have started having to make lists again because I have so much to do but am so absentminded lately. Such as: on the way to empty the trash, I see the laundry needs folding. While putting away the laundry I notice that the sheets need washing. I go to the washing machine to put the wet clothes into the dryer. On my way back to the livingroom i see the dishes aren't finished and I am back to the proverbial Square One. Now what was I going to do again? Oh yeah, make lunch! no... wait... EMPTY TRASH! duhhhh.

Also, it is difficult for me to listen to people talk. I can read what people write until the cows come home; but, I've often wished there were less talking. [I was listening to Enjoy the Silence by Depeche Mode and then my son said, "well, if words are meaningless then why is he singing words?" haha/tangent]

wait, is that too much private information to disclose that i have a son or even that i know what psychedelic means. i can even spell it right, ooooooooh! aahhhhh.

When people are talking to me, even if I can hear them speaking directly to me, usually I can't listen to them. sometimes i can. sometimes i am a great listener.

my dad used to say that nobody ever listens to anybody. he also liked quoting Sartre's "Hell is other people"

yet, we need one another. Isolation is a form of torture used to punish people and often drives them to hallucinations or worse; complete insanity.

since i haven't been able to spend as much time on the computer since my laptop broke, we are all sharing one computer now and so i am having to write my thoughts down on paper. I'm trying to carry a pad and pen on my person at all times.
but now I have copious notes full of blog ideas, so if you thought this post was long, just you wait. i have much more to say. not that anyone cares. i just like to write and hope someday my message in a bottle will be received by someone who cares.