Friday, July 27, 2007

this was deleted from kathryn's blog

raymi et al

don't try to call me on airing personal information. Raymi has done it more than once on her blog, Matt Good has chosen in the not-so-distant past to discuss many details of his personal life(and he got a lot of flack about it)

Raymi jumped right on the bandwagon of dissing Jen (Matt's now ex-wife) publicly on her blog revealing personal info about Jen.

Raymi has used her blog so many times to revel in publicly humiliating others and not only does she show no remorse for her bitchiness but she embraces it; and yet, SHE has the gall to say I'm psycho?

Why does Monstergirl love Raymi for doing the same things she hates about me?

Raymi has asked me personal questions under the guise of friendliness(which is all she is capable of, apparently, because she flip-flops whenever it serves her purpose of denigrating others) acting like she is trying to help me out & giving me unsolicited advice on how to sell my art; only to turn around and use the info i gave her to try and humiliate me to make herself feel better about her paintings not being real art but looking like they were done by an autistic 5 yr old.

The way I see it, Raymi comes off as a conniving, manipulative, superficial bitch, like i've thought from the beginning. I tried in the past to support her when people said she was a no-talent hack, but she never appreciated it, or she did but only for a second. then she went back to her usual narcissism, thinking she deserves everyone's kudos. she insists upon it, really.

my partial psychological assessment, since we're doing that now, right?

Raymi = over-exposed megalomaniac with delusions of grandeur. If she ever seems self-effacing it's just another ploy to manipulate her readers. she is a social engineer and thinks everyone is here for her use and entertainment.

She tries to control how her readers see her because blogging is all about appearances, isn't it?

My reality is not only irrelevant to you, but completely unknown to you, but that doesn't stop you from thinking you've got my psyche all figured out. There's so much you don't know, but if you're interested, i could write up a blogpost about the first five years of my life so you can see how my development began. just let me know.

Throughout all of this I have shown a great deal of restraint, avoiding attacking while taking blows from all sides. But, when Raymi attempts to insinuate that I am a jealous, bitter loser because Kathryn is so much better than I am and I just can't live with that, while at the same time telling meshe had written Kathryn off as an ignoramus 'biter'. saying kathryn was copying her lipring... now she thinks it is cool and wants to copy her lipring.???

so why is she suddenly so supportive of her?

I'm better off not being acquainted with anyone who buys all the bullshit Raymi and associates are spewing. She is in no position to declare anything about me. And like you said yourself, Raymi... "you cannot declare something to be what it is not"