Thursday, July 26, 2007

get it off your chest

food court hamburger
many people seem to be concerned about my sanity. don't worry. it is under control. i take a little pill called Soma and it makes me blissfully happy so i am no longer disruptive to society. although it is deeply seated in my personality to do so....

i got a used canvas for $10. i think it is 25x35" but i can't find any measuring tapes or rulers, so i had to guestimate by using a 14" piece of paper to measure it. i'll show you a pic of it before i start painting on it, but i'm waiting for my camera batteries to charge, so i can't upload any pictures yet..

i got to the thrift store right after they'd put their closed sign up, but i told the lady who worked there that i just wanted to see if they had any canvasses 'real quick-like' (i want to say 'canvii' for some reason). anyway, she asked me if i was going to gesso it before i paint over it, which she just assumed i would do because the original painting looks almost like a stencil. you'll see. i'd considered keeping the original image and then just adding my own personal style to it and make it into a cooler/better painting. she said she makes her own gesso, so i looked up the recipe online and tried one but i improvised by using some weird gel glue stick and antiseptic powder that does contain talc, but it did not work and it all just rubbed off like rubber cement. maybe it helped a little bit, but it was mostly a pain.

gummy ice cream cone
i am a cheapskate. even if i were a millionaire i would still be that way. when i was a kid, my grandma would be amazed when i would come out of the hello kitty store having spent only two dollars, but still managing to acquire a surprising amount of stuff. i've always been good at getting the most for my money.

i have a lot to say about all the crap that's been going down, but i'm going to save that for another post. i have other stuff i want to talk about right now.

gummy ice cream cone