Monday, July 23, 2007

these are things i thought

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the woman in this surreptitiously taken photo was so astonishing to me, i had to try and get a shot of her. i wish i could've taken a better one so you could really get a visual on this.

apparently she'd been out to the lake, maybe vacationing, so she was all tan (mostly red) but she was morbidly obese and she was wearing a bikini top and a little terry cloth wraparound skirt. OH MY GOSH.
i am always amazed when someone who obviously has major physical 'flaws' (this woman was not attractive in any physical way that i could see) would feel so comfortable revealing so much. her boobs were way saggy and totally hanging down. her cleavage was like 9 inches long! her belly protruded and sagged.
on the other hand, i wish that everyone were as free and comfortable in their skin as she seemed to be. i'm all self-conscious a lot that i am fat but she doesn't seem to worry too much about it anymore. some might say she gave up. or maybe she's too drunk to care or something? she didn't seem drunk, but i doubt she is a woman of restraint in any area. don't you?

OH YEAH! i just remembered. i had the baby in a stroller and she went in right in front of me and did not hold the door for me!
also, a tan can only disguise flaws so much.