Sunday, July 29, 2007

i know some of you don't care, but i do


these are some comments addressed to me that i was able to find by searching haloscan.

read them and draw your own conclusions. i just find it ironic that these people think they are in any position to denigrate ME. sorry, it is SUPER long. and i didn't even find all of them. (my baby is at her grandma's today, so don't worry. i wasn't neglecting her while researching this).
the first ones are from a couple of years ago. but i find they are connected to this argument.

Vaspers 7/17/05
the more personal information a blogger posts on their blog, the more stuff that can be attacked by bitter enemies. But the more your fans know and understand you. Most top bloggers and blogologists say the most important things for a successful, popular blog are: * frequent updates * controversy * unique voice * courage of convictions * combative spirit, when appropriate * aggressive presentation of opinion * rapid response to comments * idiosyncratic content, not found at other blogs Carrie, you're heading down the correct path to Super Blogger status. Keep it up. Why be "stressed" by critical comments? I crave flaming. And I ain't no masochist, as you well know. I just love blogocombat. Both parties become smarter and improve their debating skills. Blogocombat is democratic fun!

Carrie 8/11/05
why is it that nothing can annoy me without some people thinking i'm bitter and completely consumed with the thing that i'm complaining about. it was just a little thought that sometimes occurs to me. and my opinion. that is all. honestly, i am not looking to have the most popular blog that everyone reads and links to. i would die of embarrassment if that were the case!

Bbdawg 8/11
wow, you're bitter. but you can link to my site, because no one else does! you'd be a trend setter! and besides, you were my original, #1 bangable babe!

3/15 the day that will live on in infamy
here is how the convo went.
Carrie 3/15

My art teacher didn't recommend it. (The book Dry by Augusten Burroughs) i overheard her talking to someone about how she borrowed it from them and i asked her if i could borrow it and she warned me that it has some harsh stuff in it and i still insisted.

Raymi 3/15
mmm hmmm i'm just saying i had it up and it is no lie that you frequent the fuck out of my blog and you didn't have to omit the fact that you heard of that book via my blog first.

Raymi 3/16

she's a troll who secretly reads my blog but will only comment here where she feels safe. ha.

Bostick 3/16

I am responsible! I started the entire thing and it is my fault.

Raymi 3/16

i am not on medication, i am not unemployed, you are all WAY too obsessed with my life.

Raymi 3/17

i work online from home you fucking lunatic. all i did was post a link to a post about this fucking book and i know for a fact carrie trolls my blog, check the specific observations she dropped, YOU all name-called first and now you are crying about it. i say one thing and all yer real opinions of me come out when all along you pose as being a fan, my friend. i know your kind. take a look at this blog, whose blog does it look like? i'm not saying everything is ripped from me, but, a copy is a copy, the end. pork you use to make fun of katfran and carrie incessantly then you realised i knew you were a retard and befriended their little corner. you are pathetic, empty, lonely, a nobody. i get loads more traffic and loads more cuckoo fucks. you do not know how exhausting it is. if you don't know what satire is you shouldn't be using the internet. And i am not divorced, like you dude, what's that about glass houses....

Mg as “S.L.T.F.” 3/17

At least when Raymi takes pictures of herself she doesn't have to hide behind an oops ha-ha look what just happened to fall on my ass sofa pillow or an elongated shadow.

Sabrina_C 3/17


Rilah 3/19

i got insulted, i think, too. so i'm a raymi wannabe...hmmm. crazy.

Kathryn 3/20
raymi likes carrie to talk about her.


Oh, I LOVE it when a mystery sister conveniently appears out of nowhere! And let me guess, this half-sister, not the other half- sister, has a twin who will also be showing up soon? And just so we can keep it straight, how many kids have the twin half-sisters, not the other half- sister, had while still in high school? Do all of the half-sisters pout?

Raymi 3/22


Kathryn 3/22

oh raymi shut up already.

Raymi 3/23

ps carrie you have more delusions about me and my alleged delusions than i do of them. seriously you are like single white female.

Kathryn 3/23

i am so sick of hearing about how famous raymi is.

A reader 3/21

oh my sweet jesus, TAKE THE WHEEL! this is seriously pathetic. youre all adults and you act like youre still in high school. im IN high school, and i dont think i've ever seen drama as retarded as this. raymi is NOT God. Not everything is her idea first. and even if everything was her idea first, shouldn't she be flattered that all of these people try to emulate her? im sure carrie isnt the first one she claimed was obsessed with her and her blog. even though i personally dont think that carrie is obsessed with raymi, if raymi wants to think that then let her. its not like anyone is going to change the fact that this girl OBVIOUSLY has an oversized ego. but you would think that if she didnt like people "copying her" shed just ignore it and not waste her time going to their blogs and writing stupid little insults and attacking them when in truth, she doesnt really even know them. clearly she is threatened or she wouldnt be wasting her time causing all this drama and trying to cut carrie and kathryn down, would she?


Nice try, Carrie. "A reader" HAHA!

Carrie 3/21 so everyone who buys clothes at h&m is copying raymi? i see.
everyone who is growing out their hair and bangs is copying raymi.
everyone who takes pictures of their face all the time is copying raymi.
everyone who changes their blog around a lot is copying raymi.
everyone who wears boots is copying raymi.
everyone who wears plaid shirts is copying raymi. or stripes.
everyone who reads augusten burroughs 'dry' is copying raymi
what else? everyone who posts pics of cats and food.
everyone who blogs about their day and their boyfriend
everyone who posts a blog with just a long string of pics
everyone who posts chat convos.
everyone who paints or does crafts

Raymi 3/21

yeah that's pretty arrogant to assume i would be threatened by you, didn't you also say that about scorpio too? ahaha. anyway i'm sure you are a nice person again i'm sorry the shit is hitting the fan, you are just confused about a couple things is all. oh look genius kathryn showed up, you calling me idiot is pretty laughable. don't you have some afternoon boozing to arrange and children to ignore?

Kathryn 3/21

i dont have time to read all this CRAP but raymi is an idiot. Kathryn


Here's the thing, both of you sisters are losers:

Carrie: 1) You don't look so good. No matter what angle, what lighting, what cheap clothes you're wearing or what pillow you're hiding under, that's not likely to change. Nice boots, by the way, but not quite the same quality as Raymi's vintage pair.

2) It's cute when Raymi posts pictures of her lunch because it's obvious she's got a handle on the consumption thing. I don't know. Maybe she just orders it for the photo op and then doesn't eat it. Whatever. She's 1/3 the size of you.

3) I am scarred for life after seeing the pic of you on the toilet. What the fuck were you thinking? Whatever you do, PLEASE, no topless pics.

4) Apparently you've given birth. I find it hard to believe someone had sex with you, but that's why God created drugs. Anyway, I guess it's good you spend more time blogging than bonding with baby. Maybe she has a chance at not turning out like you.

Kathryn: 1) Four years of archived pout pictures. WTF?! You looked better as a blond, by the way. You know, the pre-copying-Raymi years. Ok, maybe "better" isn't the word I want, but you looked less gross, anyway.

2) Apparently you started having children while still in highschool. Smart girl. The perfect excuse to do absolutely nothing with your life but pose in front of bathroom mirrors and try on different shades of lipstick.

3) See # 2 above, only substitute 1/2 for 1/3.

4) The lip ring doesn't work on you. No matter what, you will always look more suburban than urban.

Lingering questions:
1) Why do both of you dye your hair the same color?
2) Whose children will run away from home at the youngest age?
3) Which one of you has pictures of Raymi taped to the walls of your bedroom?

Merkley??? 3/21

carrie -- stop embarrassing yourself and just fess up that the appearance of your blog and apparently your wardrobe comes 100% from raymi. it's retarded to say anything different. you are totally swfing raymi.
style biting 101.
it's like you're dressed as Ronald McDonald and claiming you're just another clown.

Raymi 3/21

lies. you are a carbon copy of my blog and you are so past the point of admitting that now. you copy everything about my life and actually la copies the east coast, la will always be behind nyc. one more thing, in every corner of the web carrie is always there leaving comments before i can post ON MY OWN FRIEND'S BLOG. it's sweet and all but yeah pretty fucking annoying. every single blog i link or mention carrie is up on that shit. don't bite the hand that feeds. pork you need meds you are way loonier and depressed than anyone i have come across on le net. both you sisters are fucking obsessed with me - katfran you followed me via myspace, first it started with dying yer hair dark like me asking my opinion, that early in the game it was innocent so i had no idea what i was fucking in for - then you pierce your lip less than a month after me, style yer entire blog after mine, your photos oh and BONUS so does your sister AND you both carry on like you fucking sprung up out of the ground all on your fucking own and now it has gotten to the cuckoo point where you think you are me look like me, the canvas painting the clothes and then you turn and talk shit to me about it FUCK BOTH OF YOU! you are delusional and for some reason think that it is some sort of competition and you are annoyed that i get all this attention when you neglect the fact that i have been blogging WAY longer than you. i'm sorry it has come to this nastyness, it is your doing not mine. it has been escalating gradually and i am not the only one who is aware of it YOU ARE SCARY.

Pork 3/21

Holy Fuck, sounds like someone needs to take their crazy pills!
But I somewhat agree. don't copy Raymi. Come up with original stuff or don't blog. Afterall, you 2 live in Cali & should be well ahead "culturally-wise" than anyone in in lameass Tarranna.

Carrie 3/21
so. i am copying you by having a 12 year old son and a one year old daughter and a korean boyfriend and by being an anthropology graduate and by never going out ever ever ... i haven't been in a bar for a million years and i haven't gone to a show or a party in 800 years.
i am not attracted to women in any way that i know of.
hey it's okay for you to talk shit about whatever, whomever, whenever, but nobody else can?
la doesn't copy the east coast. that is silly. the EAST COAST? most of the east coast is light years behind the west coast. california and new york are cultural centers with entirely different styles.

Rilah 3/21

is this the attention that you're looking for? cuz now you have it.

Mg 3/29
public restroom sink
Why do I think your brain resembles that last plate of food you ate? tone down your jealousy and hatred a bit.Last time I checked, the definition of "anthropologist was not "nosy wannabe". Im sorry you sit around and guzzle wine all day. I'm sorry you started having kids when you were 10 years old. I' sorry your life has amounted to living in a shack in rural California with only sock monkeys for friends. Why blame everyone else because you despise yourself for the existence you've created for yourself? PS...good one. Look at all the comments you have now! God knows that crap artwork and pics of your butt weren't bringing in rave reviews.

Raymi 3/29

um how am i psychologically dysfunctional exactly, people who live in glass houses should definitely NOT throw stones, carrie. i am an acicdental agoraphobe, i work from home, my friends have day jobs, i cant go out by myself every fucking day. i am nocturnal, i go out with my boyfrend. hly just fuck off you psycho! by not complaining on my blog about other bloggers i am jealous of. i am not too big for my britches, honey. what i am is exactly what i always was, and always will be. i am a shooting star, you are a crumbling asteroid. come to terms with the fact that you do not like yourself. seriously what is the matter with you, you write this great big "vague" post like it isn't obvious who you are writing about. how about this STOP emulating everything you are complaining about, move to a big city, get over your headcasery stop over-analyzing blogs. you are and insist on starting shit all over again cos you are bored out of your fucking mind. i am an acicdental agoraphobe, i work from home, my friends have day jobs, i cant go out by myself every fucking day. i am nocturnal, i go out with my boyfriend. bad things that happened to me as a result of it i was in a psychosis, wha tthe fuck that has to do with you? nothing. i have gotten more fame out of my blog than from that book, carrie, seriously, GET OVER ME! "like to make fame" ? seriously you are way out there. so basically when things happen to people they are not allowed to write books about it? i think your child is more deserving of your attention than i am right now.


Good for fat people who are confident, but they're still fat. Fat = lazy and aesthetically unpleasing. I refuse to enable them with sympathy. Carrie frequently states that she does nothing all day but sloth. She's a pig and she's a hypocrite. Keep shopping at Wal-Mart you deep-thinking cow. They donate millions to the Republican party and break the law constantly by hiring undocumented workers. Om Namaste my ass.

Sabrina_C 3/29

Ok, listen, if you really hate Raymi and want to make a big deal about it YOU SHOULD DO WHAT SETH DID TO ME AND START A BLOG ABOUT EVERYTHING YOU HATE ABOUT RAYMI AND UPDATE IT DAILY TALKING ABOUT HOW STUPID HER POSTS ARE AND HOW SHE IS FUCKING DISGUSTING. at least that way you can actually make some sort of anthropological point--sort of like seth, but hopefully not as insane or psychotic. unless, of course, that is what you're going for.

Kathryn 3/29

"If everyone would stop copying Katfran all this drama would dissolve."
like yeah man.

Butchie 3/30

Raymi and Monstergirl said that they are banned from commenting. There must be some kind of mistake... click
1. You are right. We are not nice people.
2. As I am not a regular reader of Raymi's blog, I'm not sure what transpired with you and her. The rude comments, I refer to were left at the Scorpios blog.
3. I am a parent of a 2 year old. I understand the frustration of having one child, let alone 2.
4. Once again. Don't dish it out, unless you can take it. If you are nasty to someone, why would you expect them to not be nasty back? Or be nasty- but only as nasty as you were?
Whatever. This is gay.

Carrie 3/30
no mistake.
i'm tired of taking their abuse.
they have nothing to say to me that is of any value to me.
i've heard enough from both of them. i have decided to cease all contact with raymi and monstergirl. i request that they need to leave me alone also. my blog is not a forum for them to spew hatred and insults toward me. additionally, i do not enjoy being stalked nor do i enjoy being accused of stalking and would like to put an end to all contact for those reasons.i don't know much about you... how much do you know about me? it helps when playing a game if everyone knows the rules and plays by them. i believe i have asked you before to explain to me how i started this. it doesn't matter. i didn't start it and i am also sick of the whole bunch of crap. i have not been stooping to the really sophomoric crap that your little clique has. you do not have my best interests in mind and you do not deserve a forum on my blog. you have shown complete disrespect for me and you had no substantial reason to do so. i didn't start leaving any rude comments at raymi's blog and i didn't insult her the way she has been to me. not even close.

these people don't know me. they are angry at their own projections just like everyone involved in this petty bullshit. you have no idea what you are talking about. your view is completely onesided. i don't think your intention was for me to learn shit.

not that i think you genuinely give a fuck, but my daughter is taking a nap and my son is at school, jackass.

Kathryn 3/30

i dont even know what you people are talking about

Mg 3/31

Yes, Carrie. Since we're all in agreement now that it was, in fact, you who started the nasty comment trend, I believe you owe me an apology.
Surely Siddhartha would agree.
And if not, well at least I've given you credit for doing something before Raymi did it.

PS, I had dinner with the Dalai Lama.

Anon 4/1

these people are nuts: carrie's 'wedding album'
have you seen what raymi is saying about you in those comments?

Om Shanti” 4/02

Hi Carrie, I'm confused about this blog I found. The post called SORE LOSER is linked to your blogd. The post called SORE LOSER is linked to your blog. You didn't start this fight did you? I thought you were nice!

Mg 4/14

She like the psycho girl in high school that worried about everyone elses' lives more than her own, constantly competing and trying to be cooler while secretly despondent because she knew it could never be.

Mg 4/25

Carrie, just cut the fucking Buddhist crap. None of this applies to your life (except the self-absorption part, though in your case I'd call it self-hate). You are lazy, you don't work, your house is a mess, you're hostile and jealous and you resent everyone you think is better off than you. Apparently your days are spent laying on the couch, eating, drinking, complaining, and taking bad self-portraits of yourself you can then label with nonsense about how nobody's opinion matters to you, yet then you delete any dissenting comment. You ban people and then allow them access again only when your comments dwindle and no one pays attention to you. Then you whine about how you're misunderstood, victimized, and an incredible, selfless human being. You are a paranoid bipolar nightmare and as long as you lay around stocking your bookshelves with self-help books you don't even follow, your life will continue to be a dysfunctional mess. Ridding oneself of useless baggage is the first step towards enlightenment, so get off your ass, shut the fuck up, and delete this piece of shit blog.

S.G. 4/28

I would agree about moderating your blog. I'm sorry for butting in and even going over to that delusional mutants blog. I usually keep my mouth shut but I couldnt help it. That man is a lunatic and really...he should be reported for internet abuse. What he and Raymi and monstershitface are doing is STALKING. And via the internet, its punishable in the United States. I'm just amazed at how someone could be so bitter. He really does have unresolved childhood issues. Therapy works wonders. It cured me..LOL

Mg 5/21

Oh, and you stole this hot pussy pic from Kelly Ripafart's blog. (Weren't you the one lecturing me on giving credit to artists?) Carrie, you know that's where you saw that picture. Just like you don't dye your hair, right? You are a total fucking nutjob. And I doubt your blog is read outside of your own home, let alone internationally. Is this post title meant to be some sort of message to Raymi that only she will understand? (Just asking because you stole that line verbatim from her comments.) Why not just openly beg for her attention, you wacko? Raymi's nice, she might just consider it a charitable act.

Mg 5/21

they are fat ugly whores. That's right Kathryn. You nailed it. Now go take another picture of you of yourself looking in the mirror with your lips pursed while your neglected child stands in the background wondering why mommy is such a pathetic, shallow loser.
Carrie, here's a newsflash for you: One of your supposed friends pointed you out to me, not Raymi. After that you left an insipid comment on my blog and then started shit at SR's. I don't need Raymi to guide me in who I like or dislike. You're a straight up asshole, and that's evident to just about anyone with any brains.

I added a link to Raymi before I ever even had a conversation with her because I liked her blog. Several people unfamiliar with her then said "what do you see in her" and now they get it and totally love her.

She's hilarious, clever, a good writer, artistic, and totally self-effacing (something you can't seem to grasp). The fact that she's thin and pretty is a bonus, and seems to really be what bothers you the most. That, and the fact that she has a social life that doesn't consist of picking up baby toys and preaching self-help philosophies that clearly have nothing to do with how she lives her life.

I have circles under my eyes also. I never sleep enough and don't eat red meat. ~Vastly different from the sourpuss life-fucked-me-over sheen beaming off your cheekbones.

I had a picture of myself on my blog briefly. What I look like isn't relevant because I'm not spending all day taking pictures of myself and putting them on display. It's not me. Period. When you do that you beg for critique from strangers, and I've got enough interaction with the public in real life. Self-analyze on why a mother of two needs that kind of attention if you're so fucking sound of mind. Also reflect on why your 34-year old scholarly brain can't seem to get a job. If you can lay around all day posing in various outfits and typing your vacuous little posts, certainly there's something you can do besides cash a government check or haunt Raymi's blog.

Your passive-aggressive routine is tiresome and transparent, as is your banning and unbanning routine when you need a diversion from your otherwise boring day.

Grumble~ I adore Raymi. Kelly too. And Butchie. I'm more than happy to admit that. If and when I crawl up any of their lipstick-smeared rectums, I will happily post photos for you to wank to, cuz I'm sure the pics of Carrie ain't doing it for you.

P.S. Carrie, if you're going to throw the big words around, look them up first. You're fixated on yourself. I am merely entertained by the depth of your stupidity and I actually applaud your self-absorption. I understand swine have feelings too, and I'm glad you embrace your right to feel pretty. It did wonders for Miss Piggy. Moderate all you want. I know you read them and that's good enough. You're the one seeking the limelight, not me.

And good luck with that, by the way.

Carrie 5/21

the thing is that everything they criticize me for; it's okay if they or their friends do it... just not me.

Grumble 5/21

how come these two trolls have such a brick up their collective ass? what compells them to come here and give you shit? geez. i see plenty of blogs that i think suck, but i don't go insulting their owners. hey monstergirl, if you don't like carrie's blog, which you apparently don't, how about you just fuck the hell off? scott put it nicely. crawl back up raymi's lipstick-smeared rectum, since you think the sun shines from it. nobody here cares what you have to say. go post some more snapshots of your garden, mmkay?

Kathryn 5/21

they are actually in love with ME
its just wrong to bring up your kids and crap.
how lame.
like cock the fuck is that?

Kelly ripafart 5/21
"Buddhism is a dharmic, non-theistic religion and a philosophy." you are actually like the opposite of buddhist, in my opinion. you are selfish, self-absorbed and totally unenlightened. if you were really practicing buddhism, you wouldn't be wasting time taking pictures of yourself and setting them to equally vacuous text and posting it on a blog. you would be voluntarily living a life of poverty, service and meditation. so you don't attach any sort of ethical system to your beliefs? spirituality without a moral compass is doomed. blogs can be whatever you want them to be about, as you know. my blog is admittedly for adult audiences, but i try to present engaging original content for the people who read my blog. i spend a lot of time writing and editing, quality over quantity, and it shows. nobody cares what colour my bellybutton lint is, and hurray for you if you have 5 readers that are so engrossed in your every exhalation. i hope your armchair is comfortable then, Buddha. why study something if your not going to use it practically? Buddhism is one of the world's most glorious roads to enlightenment, and yet you are content to just look at the map. How boring! And isn't it against buddhism to be homophobic? oh and so what if monstergirl isn't as morbidly obsessed with herself as you are. blogs don't ALL have to be narcissisticly navel-gazing. you, in my opinion, by offering so much personal information, are just asking for some psycho stalker to find your house and slit your throat or worse. have you ever thought about the danger that you are signing yourself and your child up for? that is not a threat, all i am saying is that some of us want to maintain a little privacy and for good reason. there are crazies out there and i personally don't want everybody knowing all my business. you did get it from my blog because the original is much bigger and you cropped out the "my pussy is soo hot" caption. if you had used the same source as i did, there would be more space at the top. and don't try to BS me by saying you did that intentionally, mmkay?BTW, the only way i found that picture is by googling "cats on fire", so if you found it the same as me, you are one sick puppy. me, i'll freely admit that, but you always try to pass yourself off as so superior. also, Susanville is a shithole and you deserve to live there. p.s. i love that you called me an it, but your blog still sucks.

SG 5/21

Butchie, monsterfatfuck, and Kellyfucksherdad, are in serious need of meds. If they hate you so much, why do they come to your blog? Seems like someones jealous if you ask me. I say ban them. Why even allow them into your blog world? Its just negative energy. They should just go back to drinking keystone and watching their bugg zappers from their Mommas trailer porch.

Wishing You Well 5/21

wow,these people are REALLY obsessed with you! you seem like a lovely girl so i hope that their pathetic comments arent affecting you. But something has upset the inbred retards. i can't imagine what. I've looked at their websites and for creativity and taste your site wins handsdown. I dont have a blog myself, too busy working at work, weird i know. Anyways, chin up, sweetheart...soon these cretins will find another target for their redneck venom and you can return to having a lovely blog without losers trying to incite you and drag you down to their level.

Kelly Ripafart 5/22

it's hard not to be jealous of vapid content. i WISH i could say so little with so few words.cruel univerrse, when will i ever be as cool as carrie?

Raymi 5/23

you sure as shit don't come across as a scholar nor do you act it. ps. my nose has gotten me laid more than yours ever will and your boyfriend would fuck me in a heartbeat. you have some nerve talking about bulging tummie.
i have had dark circles under my eyes since i was a child, iron deficient borderline anemic. and i post pictures of what i look like in the morning what the fuck does your troll face look like? fraggle rock. there is so much more than what is on my shitty blog carrie and you avidly comb it by the hour. my brother and i were drunk and ribbing each other and i punched him as i would anyone who spoke to me that way.

and i already am famous. if you were a scholar and someone related to you who never bothered to get to know you personally told you that you were not a scholar, you would fly off the handle, right? right. my brother knows nothing about my social and working life, and nor do you. and you see everything i write all over the place cos you actively go everywhere i go on the internet, MY PLACES you only know about because of ME, once you admit that you are obsessed with this negative attention you will be able to get over it. it isn't a matter of me being an ego-maniac it's your inability to see that you have something to do with all of this. you brought it on yourself and started all of this carrie, i never went this far with you and you fucking know that.

Kathryn 5/23

i think raymi looks like a little girl. not a woman. you and I just look so very young. it must be so confusing for everyone.

Carrie 5/23

but doesn't she look old, tho? she looks older than you, but she's not.

Krista 5/23

carrie i would just like to know why you continue to let this raymi-bashing go on. Either you want to do your best at "exposing her" for what reason I couldn't say other than just plain meanness. You COULD delete the comments that others start and you could not do it yourself, it's that simple i like raymi and i'm not going to defend her frankly because she doesn't need defending from this petty comment war nonesense. I don't hate you but I liked your blog a WHOLE lot better when it wasn't a who-said-what gangup forum.

Sg 5/23

Who cares if you "trolled" over to their blogs before. Or still do. Does that entitle them to forever stalk you? Monstergirl is a hoot. What, is she too ugly to post an actual picture of itself?
Seems to me that some people are so intent on being jackasses to everyone for the sheer fun of it. I say get a life or go eat more cheese.

She looks worn out and tore back. You have a natural beauty. Hers is caked on. Really. I'm not saying any of this because her and her buttkissing minions stalk you on a daily basis. I went to her blog to get a peek myself and found nothing worthy of my time. She looks like every other emo trendy name brand buying booze bag.

Someone That KNOWS 5/23

raymi is fake. all her achievements are fake, including being famous.
she was valedictorian of some junior highschool. HAHAHA (keep bragging about that one idiot)
And she went to an english summer camp for little kids, and tells people she "Studied at Oxford,"
she lies and says she has a book deal.
she lies and says she earns enough money to survive from her website. She says, "it's my JOB to blog" and claims to be a "professional blogger"
as if mooching off of some pussy-whipped-dipshit means the same thing as having a job to blog.
carrie ought to be applauded for not letting Raymi the eaglenosed, spare-tired, snaggletoothed, ass-face bully her into either removing comments, or quitting her blog.

and raymi, you don't fit into those jeans anymore. they're begging for mercy.

Grumble 5/23

oh my gosh, raymi thinks the internet is hers and whatever sites she visits are entirely her own discoveries. if anyone else goes there, they must be following her. well hey, perhaps that's because her massive ego is like a giant tack sticking out of the map wherever she goes.

listen, Lauren dear. you had depression. woopie doo: you're just like 50% of your demographic. so you wrote about it and people started liking you. good for you, really.

now a bunch of sycophantic wannabes line up to kiss your feet daily because being associated with a minor internet celebrity makes them feel better about themselves. in an effort to maintain your page views, you show your tits every few days and deliberately write poorly (sans punctuation etc.) in your blog because you know that will attract the young crowd. yes, you're pretty, albeit in a pedestrian way, and that's half the reason you're liked. but ultimately you probably know that you're a passing fad, and even your pretty little titties are getting tired. if you ever get over yourself, you might actually garner some real respect. until then your cred is limited to the blubbering blind.

Anon 5/23

RE: raymi's dark circles: that's not anemia honey, that's being a haggard bitch.

Raymi 5/24

YOU ARE CONTINUING THIS CARRIE I'VE HAD ENOUGH! i am not in cahoots with mg and butchie they are individuals. um if monstergirl did that why the fuck would I be the one you would lash out against? THAT HAS NOTHING TO FUCKING DO WITH ME!

Bostick 5/28

this virtual(nerd ass) catfight is worthy of an award. You douchebags can fight it out all you want and I will continue to observe you in this gayer than Richard Simmons sock drawer you call home. You are a reality show that has a fishy cooter and a turd hanging halfway out of its horrible ass and Carrie, stop pretending that you don't like the attention because it is obvious that this is your cup of tea.

Kathryn 5/25

what attn? attn from who? you? butchie? and bostick. oh yeah and raymi. lets not forget her. who cares about it? kelly ripafart thinks she is worth something and it just PATHETIC. hi carrie, I love you. oh and gues what fuckfaces I am the ony one who really matters here! so go lick some shit.

Bostick 6/05

Your sister is funnier than you but you are still cool.

Kathryn 6/22

when i saw it I thought YOU made it carrie, BUT REALLLY. funny dude

Raymi 6/22

have nothing to do with that blog as usual when shit like this happens you explode on me "also, i think it's funny that she thinks..." SHE? again, i have better things to do, sorry.

Chikken 6/24

Gawd! Never in my 40 some years have I seen anyone so self obsessed and shallow as that Lauren chick. And yes, vulgar. Someone who proclaims that you or anyone else is "beneath" her, or throws around such unacceptable terms as "white trash" honestly is dillusional and ignorant. The only thought I could think after visiting that blog was...poor thing. What will she feel like in ten or fifteen years when flashing her tits and talking about how drunk she gets isn't so cute? I'll light a candle for her and hope that she finds what she is looking for. As for you, cutie patootie, you obviously have made a big impression on people. Carrie, you just keep being yourself and shine all this shit on. In the scheme of things it really doesn't matter, and the more energy and attention you give "it" whatever "it" is, the more you take away from yourself and your real 3D life with the people who matter most. I enjoy watching your evolution that you are so willing to share in this medium. Thanks for that. I respect how you try to be fair and look at things from all angles, no matter how ludicrous or hurtful. And as for any of us...there is nothing new under the sun. None of these blog diaries, or photographic angles, or cut off pants is original. It's all been done before in one forum or another, in one era or another. We just glean what appeals to us as we go through life and try to put our own little imprint on that which we re-create. Including ourselves. Sorry to highjack your blog. I had a lot to say on this weird junior high style saga!

Mg 7/03

Well you're not really paying close attention then, are you? I actually complimented you on your work just last week and said I thought you could do quite well selling it from your blog. Better than a nine-to-fiver, innit? I know I bring you traffic, it's a public service at which I excel, and I'm happy to do it. My intention is not to destroy your credibility...I know nothing about your credibility. My intention is to inspire you to not be such a clown. You were just threatening to sue over a blog last week and now you're infringing on someone's trademark and right of publicity. I find it both ironic and hypocritical that that never occurred to you.

I think you have talent. I don't like the Gwen Stefani painting but I thought the poppy and the yard sale cat were quite good. I think you could make money selling your work. I think you should paint more and spend less time blogging! Take care...I have to go now.

Gusgreeper 7/13

carrie will you ever stop? other than a crap load of comments and a spike in your visitors for a day maybe two what do you honestly gain by being not only an obnoxious, obvious sorry excuse of a copy cat but also a prude. these qualities are very ugly. ten bucks says you catch your son slapping the sausage looking at hot photos of raymi seeing as you spend your life following her every move, i am sure your young son is getting an eye full.
shading eyes sun and shadow
Raymi 7/13

your sister is a lunatic and you should stage an intervention pretty soon. wow sad so infinitely out of control you are carrie are you even aware of it? you fucking loser you are such a sad pile of sad that's the number one word that comes to mind when i come away from your blog. YOU ARE 34 AND THIS IS WHAT YOU DO WITH YOUR LIFE I FEEL SORRY FOR YOUR DAUGHTER, TERRIBLY SORRY. wow desperate for more attention again you fucking loser. get over me, you are psychotically obsessed. it's not porn if your bits aren't showing, if it inspires feelings of discomfort, it is YOU the viewer who's issue it is. it makes you uncomfortable because you are unhappy with your body, don;t project that onto others. i do not aspire to be a porn star and you know that you're just desparate for a new term for me cos you cannot fucking handle not being me. i sold my painting for 600 dollars, how much did yours go for? HAHAHAHHA.

ps. your little 'you deserved it' post about losing weight was so beyond laughable - cos you're an expert right? yeah is TOTALLY SHOWS

Everything Nice 7/13

I'm totally naked with my knees places behind my ears as I'm writing this... are you offended?

Gusgreeper 7/13

carrie will you ever stop? other than a crap load of comments and a spike in your visitors for a day maybe two what do you honestly gain by being not only an obnoxious, obvious sorry excuse of a copy cat but also a prude. these qualities are very ugly. ten bucks says you catch your son slapping the sausage looking at hot photos of raymi seeing as you spend your life following her every move, i am sure your young son is getting an eye full.

Rilah 7/13

Carrie, if you don't want people to keep mentioning things such as your lack of artistic talent, ability to emulate (poorly), "intellectual" viewpoints which are trying for philosophical but are mostly devil's advocate, weight (yes, merkley said it truthfully, dimples=fat. or lose skin.), lack of originality, ability to bore, etc etc. then please stop fueling the fire and writing things about raymi. i can't seriously believe that you are so dimwitted as to think that it wouldn't get back to her. these digs that you're putting on your blog are obviously based on envy, esteem issues and the need to start shit. later on you won't be able to handle the shit you started, so you will probably again threaten to stop blogging (we're still waiting for that) or write another post about how people don't respect that it's your blog and you're just doing your thing...and more boring shit. please, do what you do best and continue taking pictures in which you look like you've got weight from two babies to lose, in cheap thrift store finds that emphasize your stature.

Raymi 7/13

kathryn, you intellect, the point of that dig is that YOU pose "pornstarry" but it's ok your body is slammin' and you're a kept lady and it's ok, unlike your bitter sister.

Butchie 7/13

Oh, Kathryn. Hello, darling. Your blog almost gave me wood, today. Your husband is a very lucky man.

Mg 7/13

Kathryn I have no problem with you, really. Squish your boobs anywhere you want. Pull up your skirt to show your pink panties behind the wheel of your Escalade all you want. But why judge others? Legs together, legs apart, it's all provocative and you know it.

Tootles 7/13

that's right kathryn... it's not you being ugly, it's those who will find no kindness from the karma they are creating and i bet they are feeling that blackness inside, deep down poor poor girls, impoverished in their very hearts... old and gnarled in their youth I feel pity for the ugly ones... who shine only contempt upon their fellows.

Raymi 7/14

carrie the point is YOU ARE OBSESSED WITH ME you are a classic case of first hate then love then admiration when that failed, hatred whatever, it is never-ending with you, and yes it's ok that my readers are fans of me and you aren't IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE the point is that you cannot just LET IT/ME GO, your blog content, the majority of it, is raymi-focused. you cannot control yourself.
shading eyes from sun on picnic table
Mg 7/24

That blowjob comment Kathryn left was hilarious, btw.

Raymi 7/26

to be honest yes we complimented your sister to annoy you, didn't know it would stab you in the heart and you would have a total psychotic meltdown. yeesh.

Raymi 7/28

it made me pretty uncomfortable. carrie you have blogged about me what 50 times now? nice social experiment, that. i thought you had way more hits than you did, but now that i know it is barely 100, you are way more freak-out mental than i initially thought. WHY does raymi get more attention wah wah moan sob meanwhile you are barely in the 100 hits area and you keep comparing yourself to me. should i get a restraining order now, or later? now? can you just do everyone a favour and be jealous in fucking silence.