Sunday, July 08, 2007

thru with u

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I first started to use the internet in about '96. it was totally new to me, then. i had heard a lot about it but had been a luddite up to that point. i tend to resist new technologies. i like to do things the old-fashioned way.
back then, i first started getting involved with philosophy message boards. there, i met someone who introduced me to chat. i became quite hooked on that until i started getting bored and annoyed with all of the bullshit things people would say in the chat rooms. you know... the hitting on people, the flirting, the excessing fawning over people, the sex talk, the huggy mutual admiration society. then i realized i didn't have to chat in those public main rooms and i found out about user-created chats. i found the religion and philosophy chatroom and i was happy with that until i discovered that the people in that room didn't like to talk about religion and philosophy and would drive everyone away who tried to.

i was just thinking, because i've been hanging out at zaads, which is really my cup of tea. there's no B.S., just honest communication and sincere dialogue. it RULEZZZZZ.