Friday, July 13, 2007

don't be grody

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i have shoulder dimples. and i love how my hair looks! ... got this tank at thrift store. looks brand new, but some dillwad ho-bag cut out the built-in bra so they could look slutty but it ended up screwing up how the shirt lays. i will use it for layering. you can't really wear a bra with it unless you don't care if you have brastraps showing but that kinda messes up the whole t-back look.

last night we watched the movie Shooter with Mark Wahlberg. it was dumb. my boyfriend knows all about that stuff from first hand experience and he said the whole movie was just totally unrealistic and bullshit and inaccurate. they so totally should have consulted him when they made that movie. really, it's a bad one. i went to bed halfway thru.
my left index finger is deformed, i think from one time when i accidentally sliced it while cutting the cheese. hahaaa

is it cool to look and act like a porn star?

cuz if it is, then i am DEFINITELY not cool, cuz i think that is nasty and gross. i do not want to daily encourage random strangers to imagine having sex with me, but even if they are doing that, i certainly am not going to provide them with visual aids.

i'm not talking about looking sexy or showing a picture of your legs, like i am obviously doing in this post. i show that pic because i want to show that my legs are decent looking, because that makes me feel good. legs are normally shown in public, so that's not really very risque.

showing pics of your crotch with your legs up over your head is Porn, no question about it. it is meant to incite the viewer into imagining the next step. but hey, some people aspire to be porn stars, and i suppose that is their right.

sometimes i look really lame in pics, like the following pic of me wearing my new one dollar sunlasses (fancy) and my one dollar t-shirt with pastel rainbow stripes which i really like a lot.
but i don't care enough to try and get a better pic right now... so life goes on, doesn't it? if you want to look at pornstar girls, you will have to go elsewhere for your jollies, cuz i ain't handin' 'em out for free to guys who fully don't deserve it at all!

today we are going to reno. scott has an appointment and then we will go out to eat somewhere nice.
oooh and i hope i can get at least one canvas. one is probably good because i don't like the plural form of the word 'canvas'.

wow, this post is really long.