Sunday, July 01, 2007

hey paula?

newsflash: paula abdul is crazy or on drugs or both. i was able to catch a couple of episodes of Hey Paula and that girl is messed up! apparently she has extreme insomnia, which is supposed to explain her erratic behavior, but it seems like she is completely oblivious to how she comes across. it seems, tho, that if you have huge amounts of money, you can act pretty much however you want.
the thing that kinda bugs me, though, is how did all of the people with whom she works allow this to get to the level that it did? whatever her problem is it IS a problem and should not have been allowed to go unnoticed or unmentioned like it seems to have done. it's like, everyone just shrugs their shoulders and chalks it up to eccentricity? that's irresponsible. we're living in a society here, people?