Tuesday, March 13, 2007

* a big wink to y'all

i'm not a part of the cellphone culture which seems to be rapidly infiltrating many aspects of our society: movies, television commercials make them seem they've become an integral part of life. i even saw a flip-fone teether for babies. but i am not in the loop cuz i don't have one. but i've often thought people probably pretend to be on their cellphones whenever they don't wanna talk to someone else. i hate/love how people will be ON the phone & just keep having conversations with other people in real life, too! it's whacko. i think i'm gonna start carrying around a phone (even tho it's not hooked up to a service) and pretend like i am talking to people so i can pretend i have friends and a life and stuff. it'll be cool. i will be one of those insecure girls who doesn't want to look like they have no friends. yeah. i am one of those. but i think it would be a source of great amusement.