Tuesday, March 27, 2007

now i'm a mommy blogger

microwave popcorn is cool. it's fast and you can eat something without really eating anything. it's probably not all that good for you really. i got some newman's own with no trans fats and it is quite good.
today has been a difficult day because the baby is requiring quadruple the amount of attention she usually does (she's constipated is the main thing we're dealing with). it's a recurring problem. goes away, you think it's gone then, and then it's back again. heard of such remedies as karo syrup in the milk? tried it. prunes? tried it. raisins? check. now we're trying milk of magnesia.
today her poop was like i dunno dried up horse apples? i put them in a baggy to take to the doctor as a sample and i squished one while it was in the baggy and it was like hard clay or putty or something. ANYWAY!

if i had wine right now i'd be a'drinkin' it.