Friday, March 23, 2007

please tell me

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carrie needs to
go to cosmetology school
delete her blog
exercise daily
get a job
drink wine until she passes out
ignore everyone's advice and live her own life
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we did a bunch of stuff today because the weather was nice. i went to a new thrift store that had a ton of stuff and all jeans were ten cents a pair. i found two in my size, supposedly, but i am washing them before i try them on.

i got lots of compliments on my socks today.

last night we watched stranger than fiction with will ferrel, emma thompson, dustin hoffman, maggie gyllenhaal. AWESOME movie.
when i returned that video and rented fast food nation for tonight the lady was quite chatty with me as usual and i felt myself fidgeting by rubbing my foot on my calf like a cricket. being a good girl and polite. she asked me how old i am. when i told her 33 she was surprised.