Thursday, March 29, 2007



i don't like people's attitude problems, mostly.

people thinking that they are SO EFFING GREAT because they type some clever shit on an effing BLOG! GET OVER IT! YOU'RE NOT SOME EFFING GENIUS!

or maybe you are but SO EFFING WHAT!


a lot of people say, "if you don't like it don't read it. if you don't like it just say nothing and let those people be."

but i am fascinated, i guess, by peoples ASTOUNDING arrogance.
i remember thinking that some bloggers must be JOKING like maybe this is just IRONY.... like they are just being HUGELY stereotypical but it's meant to be ironic... but now i think they HONESTLY believe that they are THAT EFFING GREAT! HA!

maybe you are.

i don't understand how someone who claims to be like almost agoraphobic and has NO friends and is totally psychologically dysfunctional and an addict to boot can also have like this HUGE social life that requires really a lot of mental involvement or just INVOLVEMENT with other people.... how does that work? cuz i mean, i know that i couldn't handle it. i seriously don't have a social life because of social anxiety and depression. it's not fun & games and a big party of coolness.

i've never liked social games. they sicken me.

some people really THRIVE on that stuff. i am fascinated by it in a sort of disgusted awe kind of way.

another thing that i think is that just because you work around celebrities does not MAKE YOU A CELEBRITY and i don't think it really makes celebrities respect you anymore than they do anyone else.