Saturday, March 31, 2007


(some jackass across the street has an engine revving addiction and it really pisses us off. the effing dildo sits there and rhythmically revs his engine like he is masturbating for like a fricking HOUR it is so annoying. ok he is done now? please say yes. it is very distracting to me. you'll think he's done, cuz he stops for a second but then he starts back up again... vroom vroom vrOOM VROOM VROOM VROOM vroom vroom vroom OMG!!!!!!! where is my slingshot? kidding.)

here is a true story, i am not joking at all. it is for reals true. i was walking back home after buying a gallon of milk at the store and there's this area right by the store called droupout alley or something but it is a place where teenagers congregate and be generally annoying. so this one kid/boy/guy asks me if he can have a drink of the milk that i am carrying. ha. i just sed 'no' with an amused look on my face and kept walking. then i was thinking about it later and thought i should have said more to him.... but i am shy. anyway, i should have said, "sure you can have a drink. here." and like just handed it to him. haha. i was telling scott about this and i said, "that would have BLOWN that kids MIND" and it reminded me of my dad cuz he used to like to BLOW people's MINDS. haha