Tuesday, March 27, 2007

there is no point

i cut my bangs but they look stupid. they pretty much don't look any different. for a millisecond, i thought i looked better but now i'm not so sure. grrr.r putting on makeup is annoying, too. and i am hungry. i haven't had time to do much today because the baby is sick and cries all the time and seems to be having trouble taking naps. it's like: argh! calgon, take me away. and it is snowing again. a little bit. i can't ever get the picture to look the way i want it to. taking pictures can be exhausting work sometimes. i need someone to take care of me. bring me a soda and some lunch.

i just ate the last piece of beef jerky out of the package of beef jerky that is now empty. that package lasted a long time because it was sesame ginger flavor and scott didn't like it and so that made me think maybe it wasn't good, so i would only eat it sometimes when i couldn't find anything else and was really hungry. like right now. but i'm still kind of hungry.